Our Quality

We have highly modern plant at Thrissur in Kerala, equipped with the most advanced and fully automatic machineries. TEESON treads are made exclusively of first - rate quality controlled raw materials and quality natural rubber for ensuring its quality. Rubber compound mixing in Herbert India Ltd make - K4 Intermix ensures the 100% quality in compound mixing, Which inturn improve the quality of our tread rubber. Besides, dedicated and skilled work force in our plant needs to be specially mentioned In our success story. Quality is the guarantee of company . Thebest is always the cheapest in the long run. Teeson offers a wide range of tread patterns, with promise of quality.
Teeson Pre-cured Treads
TEESON pre-cured is an innovation based on superior know-how and highly developed experiences in tyre tread technology.

Why Teeson treads last longer? There are three reasons

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